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As the Graphic Designer at Grön, a woman-owned cannabis edibles brand known for its chocolate and gummies, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a dynamic marketing and design team. Working in alignment with the sales team, our goal was to ensure every design resonated seamlessly with the brand's identity. My role played a crucial part in visually adapting Grön’s unique essence, contributing to the company's continued success in the cannabis industry.


Nick Wichman: VP of Brand

Charlotte Roehm: Creative Director

Henry King: Senior Designer

For the Pearls Summer campaign, our goal was to generate enthusiasm for summer while encouraging people to incorporate Pearls Gummies into their summer activities. Using a series of engaging social media posts, we prompted users to share their Pearls Summer moments. To amplify participation I created a custom Pearls Summer Instagram filter in Meta Spark Studio, offering users a seamless way to showcase their adventures. Additionally, I had the opportunity to design and animate playful sticker gifs for social media, adding an extra layer us sparkle to every post. This campaign not only elevated product visibility but also nurtured a vibrant community around Pearls Gummies and the summer season.


I played a pivotal role in the strategic refresh of the Grön brand, guiding all product lines toward a future classic aesthetic. At the heart of the transformation was the rebranding of the Grön logo, setting the tone for the four other product lines. I delved into various bevel treatments ultimately opting for a sleek flat design. To ensure versatility, we crafted logo options with and without strokes for different instances. Additionally, we elevated the existing color palette to be more fitting and eye-catching for each product line.


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